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We assist organisations to evolve practical and economic solutions to maintaining compliance obligations up-to-date, including newly introduced Central, State, and local government legislations, Compensation Management and matters relating to critical Industrial Relations issues.

We also offer add-on courses on practical HR to students undergoing regular programs in Human Resource Management. These add-on courses increase their employability by building confidence to face practical HR issues boldly, like any experienced Personnel/ HR Officer.

Doing Business with Ease

Marketing and finance are the principal focus areas of any business. Since the production or service function is aligned to marketing and financial aspects, the top management will be mainly interested to know the results of these two departments. At the same time, managing the people at work is very complex and requires specialized knowledge to avoid running afoul of the law. The small and medium business owners may not have that knowledge, and thus make mistakes in giving offers or signing contract of employment with the employees, pay structuring, paying statutory contributions, succession planning and documenting certain happenings which may become very crucial in decision making about the employee’s continuance or discontinuance in the organisation. In many organisations policies and mandates that define the employeeemployer relationship may not be available or are ill drafted. Not only do these gaps in knowledge create risk for the company and cost money, they also mean that business owners spend more time than necessary on these tasks. Outsourcing these functions of HR/Personnel department frees up your time to focus on other priorities.

DefusIR will shoulder your requirements of Recruitment, Compensation Management, Performance Appraisal, Training and Development and all IR issues.

Making the management degree holders more employable

The Corporate world needs young talents who can put in novel ideas to be implemented. All of them require the best at par with any experienced professional. It is unfortunate that the PG curricula at many business schools are strangled in classroom lectures on theories and concepts focused on examinations that they do not get time to teach their students what to do at their future workplaces. It is true that in academics, curricula should be given priority over the others. But we are equally answerable to the Recruiters who would ask for employable managers with useful ideas and skills. Business experts also feel that the B-schools should focus not on curricula and research but on providing students with skills that they could use for the benefit of their eventual employers. But often the academic calendar is so packed that the faculty members find it very difficult to accommodate Practical Training Programs in it. It is a struggle between Curriculum and Imparting Industrial Experience or Practical training.

DefusIR can assist you to make both to happen. Faculty Members can continue to impart curriculum based sessions whereas DefusIR will make the students employable by imparting industry experience to them.

The program offered by DefusIR will be an add on course jointly certified by the B School concerned and DefusIR.

Certified Program in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations

The Certificate Program in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations is a program meant for those who wish to take up responsibilities of the core functions of HR department. The objective of this program is to make the students know the practical side of Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. Therefore, this program off takes the conventional theories in Human Resource Management and brings in the basic and practical application of various micro functions within the broad function, ie, Human Resource Management.

The program covers the following modules:


Interpretation of Labour Laws

The objective of this module is to make the student capable of interpreting various labour laws. This module does not intend a plain reading of bare Acts but an understanding of the various provisions under the different Acts and the Rule made thereunder which are relevant in the HR department.


Statutory Committees

There are various committees to be formed in the organization, viz, Grievance Redressal Committee, Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Integrity Committee, Canteen Committee, Welfare Committee etc. Some of them are mandatory committees whereas some others are formed as part of welfare schemes of the organisation. This module is aimed to make the student conversant about forming such committees which are mandated by law.


Compensation Management

The objective of this module is to make the student understand the methods of fixing salary of persons employed. This module takes the student to the practical application of various classical and neo classical theories of wages, Fixation of remuneration based on- industry- demand and supply of labour with reference to the Minimum Wages notification by the government. It teaches the students to interpret the offers, the salary, the Cost to Company (CTC) and its significance.


Domestic Enquiry Procedures

The rationale of this module is that an enquiry conducted without following some of the basic principles will vitiate the enquiry and the delinquent will escape from punishment. In order to be fair, the HR person should be very vigilant and shall conduct or facilitate the enquiry in a systematic manner. This module is expected make the students know what are the procedures and formalities to be followed whenever an employee is charge sheeted for an offence.


Industrial Relations

This module aims to provide the student an idea of the Industrial or Employee relations initiatives and the purpose for which the term stands and covers procedures for arriving at a settlement, collective bargaining, scope for workers participation in management etc.

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About Us

DefusIR Solutions is an initiative of Madhu T K, a Post Graduate in Commerce, and Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, who has gained exposure by working in various industries, both in Manufacturing and Service sectors, with multiple Trade Unions. He has carried out a number of Long Term Settlements involving Trade Unions for various establishments, has carried out Pay fixation and revision process for major companies in Kerala. He has been a Mentor to HR officers all over India by his contributions through CiteHR, a web based forum of HR professionals (

Modus Operandi

Assistance to Employers/ Personnel Officers of the organization shall be either situation specific or for open topics related to HR with Recruitment, Performance management, Compensation management, Domestic Enquiries, Forming of Statutory Committees, Social Auditing and similar day to day Man Management on a regular basis.

The service is available online. However, physical presence for negotiation with Unions, conducting of Domestic Enquiries, Performance appraisal and pay fixation will invariably be ensured.

Assistance to the students of B Schools shall include classroom sessions on those Laws, SROs, SOPs etc which are very relevant for an HR Executive to practice in his day to day company affairs, salary fixation as per law, forming of committees and related IR matters. This facilitates the students to face HR Interviews with confidence and get inducted to the HR Departments of companies smoothly